Seedling Survival Monitoring.


We analyse your drone images and automatically detect and count all seedlings, to provide you with seedling density maps, hotspots of planting failure and low density as well as areas of high weed pressure.





  • No more terrestrial sampling so you can focus all your efforts on quality issues and management actions
  • Cover 100% of stand at no extra cost
  • Never miss a plantation failure again
  • 90% saving of time and sampling effort: 1 person + 1 drone to cover 50ha in 1 hour
  • No more manual data entry or calculations
  • Use standard drones (e.g. DJI Mavic 2 Pro) with our easy-to-use instructions for best data acquisition
  • Clear and easy-to-use density maps can be customised to your requirements





  • We achieve standard accuracies of 95 to 99%
  • Good differentiation of seedlings from surrounding weeds and other features
  • Out-performed competitors in tests
  • Uncertainty inherent in normal spot sampling is massively reduced because we analyse 100% of yourplantation or stand
  • Density is calculated for every hectare



Maximise your starting stock to achieve optimum yields and ROI. No more ‘dead capital’ in underperforming hectares. Density maps provide clear evidence for success-based planting payments.



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