Forest Plantation Inventory

The aerial based plantation inventory by SKYLAB is fast, precise, comprehensive and cost efficient. Accompanied by site specific terrestrial sampling data the resulting data and modelling tools will help you to optimise harvesting and maximise yields.

Most of the parameters for efficient plantation management can be obtained by aerial monitoring. SKYLAB is specialised on the data analysis necessary to derive these important parameters from aerial images and intelligent algorithms. Our models are developed by experienced biomass modelling experts and are based on large and long term scientific datasets which will be complemented by site specific data from your plantation. It provides a fast and comprehensive overview over the performance of your plantation, tree heights, biomass yields, planting failures, competing vegetation and plant vitality. Our analysis results in better informed management decisions and optimised planting, grooming and harvesting to maximise your yields.

Short rotation coppices (SRC) are typically harvested every 3 or 4 years. But is that really the economically and technically most efficient time of harvest? Should it  be postponed to exploit the yield potential and reduce the harvesting costs? Depending on site specific factors, the incremental rate of biomass accumulation accelerates in year 3 or later. Detailed studies have shown that the fourth and fifth year can add as much as 100% on to the existing biomass stock while in most cases  not breaching the critical diameter limit for the given harvesting technique.


So knowing your growth pattern for any given year and location and planning your management and harvesting accordingly can dramatically reduce your harvesting costs and increase your plantations economics and profitability!